Tim O’Connor, Bain & Co: What’s Next for Private Equity?

For Private Equity, last year was a rocket ship. Five years of record-level fund-raising left the industry flush with capital: So called Dry powder – uncommitted funds sitting ready to invest -- hit a record high of $1.7 trillion. And for good reason. Even if PE firms found something to buy, chances are it was pricy: Buyout purchase price multiples rose to new highs. Meanwhile, with nearly 8,000 PE firms registered globally, the challenges to standout continue to grow. 

So what’s next for Private Equity? How should GPs think about fundraising, investments, exits and more? What role will technology play – how can GPs be sure they’re not investing in the next industry to be disrupted? And what about LPs – what questions should they be asking as they look for new and better places to seek returns?

To find out, I spoke with Tim O’Connor, Partner in the Private Equity Group at Bain & Company. 

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